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Inviting Others to a Meeting

You might want to invite others to a Sametime meeting after the meeting has started. To receive your invitation, the people you are inviting must be online in a program that includes Sametime features, such as Sametime Connect, a Sametime meeting, a Discussion, or a TeamRoom. You can invite others to an instant meeting or to a scheduled meeting.

Note You can invite someone to a meeting that has been restricted to specific participants. If you invite someone to a restricted meeting and that person was not specified as a participant during meeting creation, the invitee must click Join on the meeting invitation dialog box to join the meeting. The invitee cannot attend the meeting from the Meeting Center. If you are unsure if the meeting is restricted, check with the Moderator before inviting others.

To invite others to a meeting:

  1. During the meeting, choose Meeting - Invite Others. (If you are inviting others to a chat meeting, you can click the Invite Others button.) An invitation dialog box appears.

  2. (Optional) Edit the text in the Message box if necessary.

  3. Click Add Invitees.

  4. Tip If you are using Sametime Connect for the desktop and you are inviting someone to a meeting that you started in Sametime Connect, you can drag a name from the contact list and drop it into the Invitees box.

  5. In the "Add to Invitation" dialog box, do one of the following:

  6. Click Send. The invitation is sent to the appropriate people. They can respond to the invitation by sending you a private message, joining the meeting, or closing the invitation dialog box. (If the person you are inviting closes the invitation dialog box, you are not notified.)

Note You cannot invite AOL Instant Messenger users or external users to the meeting.

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